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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Soft Form Posture Brace

Let’s start with the bright side: the designers of the Soft Form Posture Brace really put a lot of thought into making a flexible, non-restrictive product that people can comfortably wear. After all, if you stop wearing your posture brace because it’s too restrictive, it will end up not very useful, right?

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The problem is this: they focused so much on making the posture brace flexible and soft that, in the end, it’s become too soft and flexible to provide the kind of support you want for our back if you have a posture problem.

I mean, hey, if what you wanted was unrestricted movement and flexibility, you would not be looking to wear a posture brace in the first place, right?

Other people seem to think so. See what they have to say here, here and here.

So if the Soft Form Posture Brace will not keep your back and shoulders straight, why should you buy this product?

Well, one thing it can be really useful for is giving you good lower back support, to prevent injuries while you are exercising. Its well-ventilated design keeps you from feeling too warm even while you are active. By working out and naturally strengthening your back and abdominal muscles, you will be able to improve your posture, eventually eliminating any further need for a posture brace! Read the story of one user who did this here.

Also, if you only want additional support to relieve your shoulder and back muscles of some stress and will not depend on this product to hold your posture for you, this product with its softness and flexibility could actually be exactly what you want. See how well it worked for one such person here.

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Pros of the Soft Form Posture Brace

  • Soft adjustable shoulder straps provide maximum comfort,  do not pinch the skin and, as a side benefit, keep bra straps from slipping.
  • Criss-cross design at the back provides additional lumbar support.
  • Elastic side panels not only support your back and abdomen but also gives you the illusion of a figure. (This alone could be a good reason to get this.)
  • Does not show under clothing, so it’s easier to maintain that illusion of a figure.
  • Durable nylon exterior protects the device against everyday wear and tear, and keeps it looking like new for a longer period of time.
  • Supportive foam interior not only gives comfortable support, it also means you stay soft and huggable to your kids and partner even while you wear the device.
  • Comfortable cotton lining keeps you from getting sweaty and itchy, so you won’t get tempted to take the device off when the temperature rises.
  • Latex-free. No need to worry about itching if you’re allergic to the material.
  • Two flexible, removable stays support your back but still let you bend forward when absolutely necessary. Easy to remove them too, if you really don’t want them.
  • Easy to find the right sizing. Just measure around the fullest part of your abdomen.

Cons of the Soft Form Posture Brace

  • The pressure on the shoulders may be too gentle for some. (The amount of pressure can be increased by adjusting the belt around the waist.)
  • The abdominal support makes it somewhat difficult to breathe abdominally. Do not wear this if you’re doing a solo at a musical.
  • Available in just one color: beige. (Choose non-white tops, and this shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Limits movement. You can’t shrug as emphatically anymore. (You might actually have to resort to talking to communicate uncertainty.)
  • Not returnable, due to hygiene reasons. (Completely reasonable, we think.)

Results and Recommendation

The Soft Form Posture Brace offers firm abdominal, waist, and lower back support. However, its ability to keep the back and shoulders straight and act like a true posture brace leaves something to be desired.

Indeed, you could think of the money you use to buy this product as $30-plus dollars well spent on a two-in-one girdle-and-lower-back-support device that also — as a bonus — gives some support to your shoulders. In that situation, you could actually be getting a pretty good deal!

But if you’re looking for something to keep your back and shoulders straight all day — the usual concept of a posture brace — we would suggest you look somewhere else.

Recommended: No

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