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What We DID NOT LIKE About The Backjoy

Our first impression of it was Wow, a posture product can do all that; where do I sign up at? What we did not like is that according to the instructions you need to find you sweet spot for the Backjoy to really have an effect. Even though this seems relatively easy, it does take a little effort to use correctly.

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Then there was the question (as there always is) how long does it take to work. The short answer to that question is around 30 days, with incremental improvement along the way. To read the full story click here.

It is portable as well, which can be extremely important for driving to work and then relocating it to your office chair at work. Also for a person who is around 200 lbs the Backjoy does not lose its shape. We thought this was a great feature because that is how the Backjoy works. If it did start losing its shape, then it would just be an expensive cushion. If you want to read more about it click here.

Overall, we at Posture Brace Reviews consider this  a good choice if you are sitting for a period of time in a chair. Also, if you do have back pain the Backjoy can go a long ways in reducing or eliminating the pain. But, you have to find the sweet spot on the Backjoy to receive the benefits. Here is the link to one person’s account of using the Backjoy. This is not hard to do, but it does take a little bit of experimentation.

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Cons of the BackJoy:

  • You need to find the correct position or sweet spot for the Backjoy to work. (This doesn’t take much time to find, but it is added effort)
  • Comes in only one color! (Sorry ladies, no accessorizing w/ your home or office décor)
  • Does not work on your pets… (Although it might make a great chew toy!)
  • It is so effective that you may need to keep your BackJoy under close supervision from neighbors and friends. (People tend to want what others have, surprise, surprise)

Pros of the BackJoy Core:

  • Reduces stress, corrects posture and relieves tension immediately and naturally. No pills, prescriptions or doctor consultations needed or required.
  • Endorsed by Nurses, physical therapists and medical physicians.
  • Over 25 years of  research. The BackJoy has used data from the BackJoy Basic to deliver a new and improved product.
  • Lifetime impact without corrective surgery.
  • Comfort and accessibility. The BackJoy can be used on any surface. You can use it in your office chair, on your sofa, on the bleachers while watching a game, or fishing on the dock. Easy just to take with you when you need it.
  • Small enough to fit in your laptop and/or diaper bag. Also it is great for traveling, it only weighs 4.16 oz.
  • The BackJoy is easy to clean. You can simply use a household cleaner to get stains out.
  • One size fits all. The BackJoy will accommodate just about any shape, size or curve. Even above 200 pounds, the BackJoy will work for you. Pregnant women can enjoy the comfort of the BackJoy to help relieve back pressure and incorrect posture.

Results and Recommendation

I think this is the best Orthotic Cradling System there is. It is designed to relieve stress and tension on your back and corrects your posture. There’s one feature that the BackJoy could preform better on, which is the little bit of adjusting it takes to work correctly. Consequently, I could not rate it as high as I wanted to. However, it does still rate really well.

One of the downsides to the Backjoy is the price. If you have the money I would say the Backjoy is a great product. But if you are looking for a posture seat for under $20 I would recommend the Relaxo-Bak Comfort Seat, which we have also reviewed.

Recommended: Yes (If you have the money otherwise go with the Relaxo-Bak)

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