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What We DID NOT LIKE About The Posture Now Brace:

Even though we at Posture Brace Reviews highly recommend the Posture Now brace, it does come with a price tag. Currently, the posture brace sells for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. I don’t blame Posture Now for being proud of their posture brace, it is the most innovative on the market.

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Using tension bands to correct you posture is ingenious and being able to wear it inside your clothes makes it extremely practical. It would seem that they have developed a posture brace that solve all the complaints that traditional posture braces had.

A second complaint we have is that it only comes in black. This may not matter to most, but if you are wearing a white dress or thin white shirt it would probably show through. Normal everyday clothing you would be fine. In the future, we hope that Posture Now will develop a beige and maybe even a white version of this posture brace. Maybe even some designer colors like pink for those who don’t mind showing off their posture brace.

Overall, what the Posture Now offers that other posture braces do not is the use of tension bands. By using these tension bands the Posture Now can offers a natural way to correct your posture. When you slump into bad posture, the tension bands tighten. You then are reminded that your posture is out of line and you correct it. This process is repeated as long as you wear the brace and the results are that you teach yourself good posture. After that the posture brace does not need to be worn as much, or at all. Personally, I think this natural process of correcting your posture is the best.

How To Remove The Posture Now Brace

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Cons of the Posture Now Brace:

  • The product colors are limited to black (It would be nice if it came in beige or white)
  • Shipping in the past has taken longer than expected for some customers (Posture Now seems to have solved that issue)
  • Not the posture brace that people are used too (I think this is a good thing, but some people are not good with change)
  • The price (The only posture brace that uses tension bands and the price reflects it)

Pros of the Posture Now Brace:

  • It has a natural way of correcting your posture(Some posture braces force your posture, which can work but can be very uncomfortable)
  • The material used in the construction is extremely reliable and strong (Nylon will not tear with normal use and pretty much last forever)
  • Has an easy and gentle way of showing you when you slip into bad posture, that your posture needs to be corrected. It does this through the use of tension bands. (Traditional posture braces can cut off your circulation and pinch. Posture Now teaches you how to have good posture)
  • The Posture Now doesn’t need to be worn just on the outside of your clothes, but can be worn on the inside as well. (You can wear it wherever you go, probably not in the swimming pool though)
  • Comes in multiple sizes (It gives you a comfortable fit)
  • 90 day money back guarantee (Try it to see if you like it, if not get your money back)
  • If you workout it can still be worn (This is a posture brace that can pretty much be worn everywhere. Again, wearing it underneath you clothes is a nice feature)

Recommendation and Results

Overall, this is probably the best posture brace out there. It uses tension bands to naturally correct your posture and help you sit up straight. When you start to slouch the Posture Now reminds you to correct your posture. Overtime, your posture is corrected.

Recommended: Yes (This is one of the best ones out there.)

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