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What we DID NOT LIKE not like about Posture Confidence

Even though this is going to make me sound lazy, you do have to actually do some learning with the Posture Confidence course. The course comes with:

  • An hour long DVD
  • A 144 page e-book
  • Report on 10 posture stretches
  • Audio interview with Doctor Cordova

Now I want to be fair, this is the type of learning I like. Nice and easy, I just pop in the DVD and just get to sit and watch. Next, the 144 e-book is just great to have. It is pretty comprehensive and covers areas like additional posture exercises broken down by condition and area affected, products you can get like office chairs and mattresses, and healthy eating habits that support good posture. The report on 10 posture stretches is 8 pages, so you will not be reading a textbook. Lastly the audio interview lasts about 20 minutes talking about posture from a doctor’s perspective.

So if you were sold on the idea of a posture brace you could wear around all day, then this product may not be for you. This will be an investment of you time and more effort than reading the instructions on how to put on a posture brace. On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution to bad posture then you looking a product that would be more then helpful and give you the ability to change your posture for good.

OK, on to the next thing I do not like about the Posture Confidence. Even though you get the DVD by mail, and all three bonuses (e-book, report on posture stretches, an audio interview) you have to download the bonuses. It would nice to have the option to select a hard copy of these. Just for the record, some people appreciate a hard copy, hopefully the Posture Confidence Course will give that option in the future. The only saving grace on this is that while you are waiting for your DVD in the mail, you can send an email and get access to your bonus material immediately.

My site has been typically dedicated to posture braces and posture devices, but when I found this product I felt like a review was in order.

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  • The author of this course is Dr. Natalie Cordova who is a Chiropractor and posture expert
  • This DVD posture course is a one stop shop to change your posture for good
  • Posture Confidence DVD is an hour long and has bunch of bonus items including an e-book and audio interview.
  • The posture exercises are great and help in areas you probably never knew you had


  • No hardcopy option for the bonus material. It has to be downloaded
  • Takes an invest of you time to become educated on posture
  • Not a posture brace (Had to add this since this site is about posture braces)


First, I understand there are other natural options out there besides posture braces. Also, I know there are a lot of books and materials that you can get to educate yourself on correcting your posture. When I saw this course was available I had to do a review. I really do believe you are getting good bang for your buck. The only catch is that you to invest a little time watching the DVD and going through the bonus material. If you think you can do that, then yes, this is a great option to correcting bad posture.

Recommended: Yes

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Review by admin, January 5, 2014

Overall Rating 44444
Ease Of Use 11111
Performance 55555
Price 33333

The Posture Brace Reviews Team does recommend this product. The reason we gave it 1 star under, Ease of Use, is that this is a posture course and not a posture brace you can simply wear.

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