Posture Brace Care And Concerns

Washing & Durability
For best results wash your posture brace by hand and hang dry. This will extend the lifetime of the product. If you are wearing you posture brace over an undershirt you should not have to wash your product as often. Also, make sure you are wearing the correct size so there is no unnecessary strain on the product.

Sizing Issues
As with many apparel products there are always going to be some exceptions to the rule. Therefore, I suggest following the size charts provided because it is working for the “general” public. However, if you have followed the size chart and your posture brace is not fitting correctly please send it back right away and exchange it for another size.

Don’t give up on the product until you have had the chance to use the correct size posture brace for at least 3 weeks! Posture Now and Amazon are known for quick customer service responses.

Rubbing my skin
Most posture braces are designed with the “ability” to wear them next to your skin, but it is not suggested for long periods of time. Fortunately correcting posture doesn’t take wearing a posture brace all day. Most are effective if worn every day for a short amount of time, because they are designed to be a reminder to your brain and your muscles to pull your shoulders back.

Customer feedback has told us that one of the most comfortable and effective ways to wear it is over a T-shirt while working around the house or while at work for just a few hours. Also, if your shoulders are pulled back correctly you’ll find a lot less rubbing, hence the reminder!

Sore muscles
I have to admit a bit of discomfort is going to be a part of correcting poor posture. Poor posture didn’t develop overnight. It takes some work to retrain your muscles in your chest, shoulders and back to correct your posture. If you have just started using a posture brace and you are feeling sore, don’t give up yet.

Try reducing how long you wear it each day, but keep wearing it every day to see the results you are looking for. For some it may only take a few weeks for others it may take many months. After about a week of wearing a posture brace you will find the soreness lessen drastically.

That’s a sign your muscles are getting stronger and adapting to the correct form. If you are feeling soreness after weeks of wearing a product you may have a different issue and you should consider seeing a chiropractor or a doctor just to be safe.