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What We DID NOT LIKE About the ITA-Med Posture Corrector

At first glance, the ITA-Med Posture Corrector—with its white color and all those straps—sort of reminds one of a straitjacket.

And rightly so. The device is so stiff and constrictive, if you’ve ever wondered how it might feel to be in a straitjacket with metal rods at the back, then the ITA-Med Posture Corrector can easily help you find out.

This user is being diplomatic when he says here that it can be “difficult to maneuver.”

So if you’re planning to wear it to the park while you play with your kids—good luck! Pray you never have to pick anything up. Or retie your shoelaces. Or retie one of your kids’ shoelaces. Or bend over for any reason at all. Or move too much. Touch football? It’s out of the question!

If you insist on using this product, be aware that it was designed for people who sit or stand still all day. We suppose, anyway, that if you were the very active type, you probably wouldn’t have rounded shoulders and soft abs in the first place.

Another thing we found inconvenient about the ITA-Med Posture Corrector is the measuring needed to find the right size.

Now, measuring may seem like a simple, cut-and-dried process. But the instruction sheet says we need to measure the “circumference midway between waist and hips.”

Now where on earth is that exact point “between waist and hips”? Have you ever tried measuring your hips? If you’re not a seamstress, it could be hard to decide where your hips actually are. And some of us haven’t seen our waists either for a decade or so. So to find that special point between these two unidentified locations—no wonder people are having trouble finding their right size. Look at their stories here, and here!

So take our word for it: don’t try to take your own measurements. Find a seamstress and let her figure out where the point between your waist and hips are.

Then, you’ll probably get the right size.

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Cons of the ITA-Med Posture Corrector

  • Hard to find offline. (But the best prices are found online, so why look offline at all?)
  • Does not fit children. (You need to get the pediatric model for that.)
  • The metal stays could make a chore of bending over to pick things up. (Bend your legs instead. Bad back or not, that’s the recommended way.)
  • You’ll need measure yourself to find the right size. (We don’t get a chance to flaunt our stats very often, so take this opportunity and flaunt away!)
  • It’s actually noticeable under tight shirts. (Wear something looser.)

Pros of the ITA-Med Posture Corrector

  • Straightens not just the shoulders but the entire back.
  • Keeps the abdomen in as well. One product, two benefits, and only one device to wash!
  • Machine washable, cold. You can save your hot water for better purposes, such as a long, relaxing shower after a long, back-breaking day of work (no pun intended).
  • Has adjustable metal stays, for better support.
  • Unisex design. Buy it for your partner, then use it yourself—the perfect Christmas gift!
  • Latex-free. No allergy issues with this product.
  • Unnoticeable under clothes.
  • Available even in big sizes—because big guys need caring too.
  • Helpful even for scoliosis. If that isn’t high performance, we don’t know what is.
  • Doctor-recommended. If you don’t believe us, believe them.

Results and Recommendation

The ITA-Med Posture Corrector is very restrictive, hard to size properly, but for people who succeed in finding the right size, it gives support firm enough to help even scoliotics. Not for people who live active lifestyles, unless they intend to use this on their rest days, but recommended for everyone else who want and need good, strong posture support.

So the gist: would we at Posture Brace Reviews recommend this product? Surprisingly, yes.

Our reasons: First, it does what posture correctors are supposed to do, that is, straighten your back and shoulders. Not only that, it does it so well that even this user who said it was uncomfortable still called it “one of the better supports” he/she has ever bought. Read the story here.

Other users also praise the firm support it gives. Read here.

Second, it comes with very good recommendations. One user says here that her doctor recommended it. Another bought it for somebody with scoliosis, and that person loves it. Read here.

So if doctors and scoliotics recommend this product and find it useful, we at Posture Brace Reviews do not hesitate to do so either.

Recommended: Yes

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