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What We DID NOT LIKE About the FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace

The one thing we disliked most about this product is how scratchy it could be when worn directly on the skin. Considering its brassiere-like colors, one would have presumed it had been designed to be worn under clothes.

Well, it wasn’t.

First, it tends to rub the armpit area and dig into the front of the arms. Even users who say they liked the product also said they wished it did not chafe the skin. To be able to keep using the product, they had to put it over a T-shirt. (That seemed to work.) Read their stories here, here, and here.

Then, it was bulky. Everyone agreed it would show under tight tops. It generally works if you wear it under office clothes, like one user did. (Click here for the story.) It will also work if you wear it at home, or in winter, as another user recommends here. But one thing’s for sure: you could never wear it outdoors on a hot summer’s day.

What we were rather amazed to see, though, is that despite their complaints, people kept wearing the FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace — probably because, after all is said and done, this devise does what you want a posture corrective brace to do: It straightens your posture. However difficult it may be to wear outdoors in summer, this is still a product that works.

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Cons of the FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace

  • Contains latex. Might trigger allergies. (Best to wear it over a thin shirt, avoiding direct contact with your skin.
  • Rather stiff. Could be scratchy. (Same as above: wear it over a thin shirt.)
  • Bulky. Can’t be worn under thin fitted tops. (Not a problem if you’re staying at home, but if you’re going out, you’ll need to wear something looser and thicker — don’t you just wish your teenager had one of these?)
  • That terry cloth could stink if you don’t wash it regularly. (So please wash it regularly.)

Pros of the FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace

  • Soft non-elastic straps hold your shoulders back firmly — exactly what posture correctors are supposed to do.
  • Easily adjustable hook and loop. Changing the amount of pull the device gives is quick and easy.
  • Terry-cloth protector keeps your back dry and free from itching.

  • Washable by hand — good news, considering how sweat absorbent terry cloth can be.
  • Available in 2 colors: beige and white. (Wear white tops without getting flagged by the fashion police.)
  • Does not constrict the abdominal area. Does not look or feel like a corset. (A great comfort, especially if you’re a man.)

  • Unisex design. Can be worn without sacrificing masculine dignity. (You could pretend it’s a beige-colored gun holster, if you like.)
  • Made with 60% polyester, 17% rubber, 15% nylon, and 8% cotton. Easy to wash, easy to dry — so you have no reason not to wash it regularly, right?
  • Easily refundable. Buy it with practically no risk.

Results and Recommendation

The FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace is very effective at doing what it was designed to do, that is, correcting your posture. However, it could chafe unless you wear it over a thin shirt, and it’s somewhat bulky, so you need to wear it under a loose top.

So at the end of the day, while it will never be the most fashionable item in your closet, nor the most comfortable, we at Posture Brace Reviews recommend the FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace for people whose main priority is to keep their shoulders straight.

Recommended: Yes

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