FAQ For Posture Braces

How Long Does It Take to Work?
Similar to weight loss or physical therapy, posture correcting results vary for a variety of reasons, such as, how committed someone is to the process and how bad the situation is to begin with. Customer feedback says that in about 3 weeks you will see noticeable improvement.

The initial discomfort you feel wearing your posture corrector will go away, and when you’re not wearing the product muscle memory will kick in and you will stand/sit with better form. If you’re committed to the process, many customers are reporting that there posture has been corrected over a few months, which is pretty impressive since it takes years to develop.

How Long Should I Wear It Every Day?
You will see improvement in your posture by wearing a posture brace as little as 10 minutes a day. Like most things the harder you work the greater the reward. Therefore, we suggest using a posture corrector for a couple of hours a day when it’s most convenient for you.

We do not suggest you wear a posture brace while driving because it “can” limit your movement a little bit. With that said, it has been highly recommended by professionals to wear while dancing and exercising, so obviously movement isn’t too restricted!!

How Can I Quicken the Process?
Include some back exercises into your weekly routine and you will see quicker results. Poor posture is often due to weak chest and back muscles because quite frankly many of us are lazy and have been sitting and standing with the least amount of effort possible.

There are many websites that can offer advice in this area. Many people ask, “how do I know I am using correct posture?” That’s why posture correctors are essential! They will teach your muscles how to do it, and by adding back strengthening exercises you will simply make the process easier.

Will This Reduce Neck and Back Pain?
Yes – (according to our research). If you are feeling back or neck pain regularly it is likely due to poor posture. You’re probably hunching over a computer or a desk often or you’ve been rolling your shoulders inward for so long that it feels normal to you.

Correcting your posture may not feel the most comfortable on your back for the first couple of weeks, but ironically it will actually be the best thing for your current back and neck pain. Customer feedback says that in an average of 3 months you will see a huge difference in your posture and reduction in neck and back pains.

Will This Reduce Headaches?
Yes – (according to our research). Often poor posture can lead to pinched nerves in your neck. This could be your medicine free solution!