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What We DID NOT LIKE About the G Seat Gel Cushion

The first time we saw the G Seat Gel Cushion, our first thought was, “Gee, it looks pretty hard for a cushion.”

Boy, we were right.

Okay, to be fair, it does make your buttocks feel better when your sitting on bleachers or some other hard surface. It’s better than wood, that’s for sure.

But on cushioned surfaces, such as your car seat, for instance, it could be more comfortable not to have it at all—unless your car seat is all beat up and the strings would be poking your behind without the gel cushion in place.

A good number of users say the same thing. Read their stories here, here, and here.

So if it doesn’t cushion, what is this product good for?

Well, we never said it doesn’t cushion. It does.

Just not as much as your regular, household cushion. So if you want something soft and cushy, you could be better off sitting on your foam-lined armchair.

But if you want something softer and cushier than a bleacher or a wooden dining room chair, this could be the product for you. For one, it’s completely portable. Try carrying your soft, cushy armchair or even your feather pillow to the ball game with you, and you’ll appreciate what we mean.

These people do. Read their stories here and here.

Second, the G Seat Gel Cushion features a forward incline that actually positions your back better and makes blood flow better to your legs.

If you have varicose veins, you may want to sacrifice the soft comfort of your office chair for the better sitting angle that this product offers to help relieve pain in your legs, like this user experienced. Read the story here.

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Cons of the G Seat Gel Cushion

  • Weighs over two pounds. If you have a bad back, it’s best to carry this in a backpack, which will actually pull your shoulders back and further improve your posture.
  • Available in only one color: black. If you want to make a fashion statement, you can’t depend on a butt cushion to do it for you.
  • Not as soft as you would normally expect cushions to be. Remember, the purpose of this device is to support your buttocks. It’s not a stuffed bear or a feather pillow.
  • Could even be harder than your sofa cushions at home. This product is most useful for hard surfaces, like thinly padded seats, wooden chairs, and bleachers.

Pros of the G Seat Gel Cushion

  • Adds comfort to your desk chair or wheelchair. Sitting, after all, was meant to be relaxing.
  • Has a layer of memory foam to distribute weight evenly and prevent sore spots caused by pressure being concentrated on only a few small areas of your body.
  • Soft, not squishy. Does not wave up and down like a water bed. Eliminates pain without making you seasick.
  • Features and indented center groove to further relieve pressure from your coccyx.
  • Fold the seat in half and that center groove turns into a handle. Grab your seat and go!
  • Has a 5-degree forward slope to maintain correct spinal alignment and improve circulation to the legs while sitting. Especially good for people who experience leg numbness or have varicose veins.
  • Non-skid rubber bottom. A cushion that slips off your chair and lands you on the floor on your buttocks would defeat its purpose of preventing pain.
  • Black, spandex-type, surface-washable top. Considering what it is in contact with all day, you would want it to be washable, wouldn’t you?

G Seat Gel Cushion Review Results

The G Seat Gel Cushion is a good, portable cushion that will prevent backside pain you can get from sitting on hard surfaces. It features an incline that will improve blood circulation to your legs. But if it’s softness you want, you’d be better off with a regular stiff-foam pillow.

So what’s the verdict? It depends on what you want a cushion for.

If you want a portable product to prevent backside pain when sitting on a hard surface, or if you want something to improve your sitting posture and give you better leg circulation, this product could be good for you.

But considering that a lot of people want a cushion that will relieve pain and be more comfortable than any surface, we at Posture Brace Reviews cannot recommend this product.

Recommended: No

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