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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

If we were to redesign the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat, we would probably have put in some padding and covered it with a less slippery but still easy to clean material — genuine leather perhaps?

Because that’s what everyone seems to be complaining about: the product is too stiff. Look at what one user says here.

A genuine leather cover would have made it less slippery, more comfortable, and cooler on the skin as well.

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Admittedly, our design would add a few (or a lot of) dollars to the price. Still, it’s a premium that some people may be willing to pay for. Other products with cushioning could easily cost twice as much, as this user says here.

In fact, Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat has released a deluxe version, which does feature and easy-to-wipe closed-cell foam: The Relaxo-Bak Deluxe. And yes, it does cost twice as much. See the what the user of the newer version says here.

Of course, as far as durability is concerned, nothing beats pure, hard, unadulterated plastic. The Relaxo-Bak as it is right now could last for as long as — well, you’d be gone long before it disintegrates, and it won’t take an environmentalist to tell you that.

We just don’t know how interested your grandkids would be to find out this is part of their inheritance. If their backs hurt too, they might be overjoyed about it.

Why? Because despite the slipperiness and stiffness of this product, you will find that it works. We begrudgingly admit that the manufacturers have come up with a good, ergonomic design despite the fact that they didn’t hire us as consultants. (If they did, the product would have been covered in foam and soft leather, remember?)

And how do you know it works? Listen to what its users say here and here.

Cons of the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

  • No cushioning. Stiff. Can be slippery. (Don’t wear silk bottoms with this. Try non-slippery materials such as jeans and cotton.)
  • Limited colors. Sorry, no hot pink or mustard yellow available.

Pros of the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

The Relaxo Bak conforms to bodies of all shapes and sizes!  No silly measurements or embarrassing weight requirements.  It is U.S. Patented and FDA certified, meaning even your doctor might try and swipe your Relaxo Bak if you’re not careful!  The Relaxo Bak manufacturers have been providing quality products and similar remedies since 1963… that’s a long time!  A clinical study, using more than 300 persons, was conducted using the Relaxo Bak with very favorable remarks and findings.  Over One-Million satisfied users and the customers that have tried The Relaxo Bak exclaim: “The Relaxo Bak helped after sitting on a hard surface.  The normal searing pain that ensues when I stand up was gone!”

  • One size fits all bodies.  So breathe a sigh of relief — you don’t need to reveal your size and weight to anybody just to purchase this product.
  • One size fits all seats too. You can use it with your computer chair, dining chair, armchair, etc.
  • Easy to wash. Just put it under running water and wipe it dry.
  • Comes in three colors:  black, tan, and gray. Whatever your home’s color motif is, you can find a Relaxo-Bak color to blend with it.
  • Portable. Easy to carry around with you. Use it at home, bring it to the office, use it in your car, on an airplane, at the bus, or at a ball game.
  • Only $17.95!  Enough said.  In an economy where every dollar counts, you can get immediate comfort at an affordable price.
  • Prescribed by doctors and chiropractors. Ask your doctor about it today.
  • Over one million satisfied users. One million people can’t be all wrong, could they?

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Results and Recommendation

The Relaxo-Bak is a practical alternative to posture corrective braces if your main trouble is back pain that comes when you sit for long periods of time. The Relaxo Bak is cheap and offers a reliable product, but it can be stiff and slippery, unlike the padded Relaxo-Bak Deluxe.

So we at Posture Brace Reviews do recommend this product because it works and costs less than $20. But if price is not your concern, we would say look elsewhere for something more comfortable, like the Backjoy posture seat.

Recommended: Yes

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The Backjoy Review

Overall Rating44444
Ease Of Use44444

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What We DID NOT LIKE About The Backjoy

Our first impression of it was Wow, a posture product can do all that; where do I sign up at? What we did not like is that according to the instructions you need to find you sweet spot for the Backjoy to really have an effect. Even though this seems relatively easy, it does take a little effort to use correctly.

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Then there was the question (as there always is) how long does it take to work. The short answer to that question is around 30 days, with incremental improvement along the way. To read the full story click here.

It is portable as well, which can be extremely important for driving to work and then relocating it to your office chair at work. Also for a person who is around 200 lbs the Backjoy does not lose its shape. We thought this was a great feature because that is how the Backjoy works. If it did start losing its shape, then it would just be an expensive cushion. If you want to read more about it click here.

Overall, we at Posture Brace Reviews consider this  a good choice if you are sitting for a period of time in a chair. Also, if you do have back pain the Backjoy can go a long ways in reducing or eliminating the pain. But, you have to find the sweet spot on the Backjoy to receive the benefits. Here is the link to one person’s account of using the Backjoy. This is not hard to do, but it does take a little bit of experimentation.

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Cons of the BackJoy:

  • You need to find the correct position or sweet spot for the Backjoy to work. (This doesn’t take much time to find, but it is added effort)
  • Comes in only one color! (Sorry ladies, no accessorizing w/ your home or office décor)
  • Does not work on your pets… (Although it might make a great chew toy!)
  • It is so effective that you may need to keep your BackJoy under close supervision from neighbors and friends. (People tend to want what others have, surprise, surprise)

Pros of the BackJoy Core:

  • Reduces stress, corrects posture and relieves tension immediately and naturally. No pills, prescriptions or doctor consultations needed or required.
  • Endorsed by Nurses, physical therapists and medical physicians.
  • Over 25 years of  research. The BackJoy has used data from the BackJoy Basic to deliver a new and improved product.
  • Lifetime impact without corrective surgery.
  • Comfort and accessibility. The BackJoy can be used on any surface. You can use it in your office chair, on your sofa, on the bleachers while watching a game, or fishing on the dock. Easy just to take with you when you need it.
  • Small enough to fit in your laptop and/or diaper bag. Also it is great for traveling, it only weighs 4.16 oz.
  • The BackJoy is easy to clean. You can simply use a household cleaner to get stains out.
  • One size fits all. The BackJoy will accommodate just about any shape, size or curve. Even above 200 pounds, the BackJoy will work for you. Pregnant women can enjoy the comfort of the BackJoy to help relieve back pressure and incorrect posture.

Results and Recommendation

I think this is the best Orthotic Cradling System there is. It is designed to relieve stress and tension on your back and corrects your posture. There’s one feature that the BackJoy could preform better on, which is the little bit of adjusting it takes to work correctly. Consequently, I could not rate it as high as I wanted to. However, it does still rate really well.

One of the downsides to the Backjoy is the price. If you have the money I would say the Backjoy is a great product. But if you are looking for a posture seat for under $20 I would recommend the Relaxo-Bak Comfort Seat, which we have also reviewed.

Recommended: Yes (If you have the money otherwise go with the Relaxo-Bak)

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Nada Chair Review

Overall Rating44444
Ease Of Use33333

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Back-Up by Nada Chair

To be sure, the very first thing that struck us—and not in a good way—about this product was its price tag. “Sixty-bleep dollars, are kidding me?”

Surprisingly, other users who have bought the product hardly ever mention its price. No “I wasted my money,” no “just an overpriced something-something,” no “I want a refund! I should have gotten a (fill-in the blank) and spent half as much.” None of that. Nada.

What they do say are “You won’t be disappointed” (read here), “This is an absolutely exceptional product” (read here), and “I love, love, love, this!” (read here).

Well, that’s all well and good, but we’re not here to praise because, for one, that’s not half as much fun as griping.

So what else is not to like about the product? Imagine this: You’re at your desk. You’re wearing the Back-Up by Nada Chair. The phone rings. It’s at the other desk.

If you’re the type who’s obsessed with answering the phone by the second ring, you’d be in cold sweat by now, feverishly unstrapping yourself from the device as the phone rings a third time.

If you’re not in cold sweat, perhaps you’re the type who doesn’t mind letting the phone ring four times, in which case, unstrapping should not be a problem.

One user assures that after you get used to the product, “you can put this thing on and take it off at a moment’s notice.” Read the complete review here.

(If your chair has wheels, you could have ridden it to the other desk too.)

Finally, to end our list of what we don’t like about this product, here’s our biggest gripe:

So it works, it removes back pain, and the price may be worth it. Why didn’t the manufacturers make something that you could use while not sitting down?

Well, perhaps, they want to give other companies a chance to shine in their own niche too.

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Cons of the Back-Up by Nada Chair

  • You have to get in and out of the device every time you need to go to the restroom. (Think of it as a seatbelt on a long trip. Then thank heavens that with this one, at least, you don’t need to find a parking space first.)
  • Could cause your knees and lower back to get sweaty. (If this is a huge issue for you, well—whoever said that antiperspirants may only be used on your underarms?)
  • Won’t fit into your purse. (But it will fit into a regular-sized handbag.)
  • The $60+ price tag is somewhat steep. People who have used the product seem to forget about the price tag, but if you prefer something that costs $20 less, you could check out the smaller version.
  • Virtually useless when you’re not sitting down. (If you spend more of your day standing up and walking around rather than sitting down, we would suggest you look at a different product.)

Pros of the Back-Up by Nada Chair

  • Provides lumbar support while sitting down. If your back muscles won’t do it for you, this device will.
  • Relieves lower back pain, especially for women who are pregnant.
  • Moves with your body. If you sit forward, the back support will follow. Constant adjustment will not be needed.
  • One size fits all. If you can’t find an ergonomic chair that fits you, this device surely will.
  • Converts into a self-carrying tote. You can bring it with you anywhere you go. Let’s see you do that with an ergonomic chair.
  • Comes with CushShins—foam-and-plastic knee inserts—to distribute the weight pulling on your back over a greater area of your shin.
  • Comes with Stretch Straps, which feature extendable loops that can reach the feet to let you long-sit on a flat surface comfortably, for hours, with effortless good posture.
  • Lets you sit at your work desk comfortably for hours with effortless good posture—practically an impossible feat without a device such as this.
  • Comes in four colors: red, green, navy, and black.

Results and Recommendation

The Back-Up by Nada Chair costs twice as much as many other posture correction devices currently in the market, and it can only be used when you’re sitting down. However, it does not chafe or dig into the skin, it’s comfortable to use, and it definitely works.

As far as sitting goes, we at Posture Brace Reviews give the Back-Up by Nada Chair the thumbs-up: highly recommended.

Recommended: Yes

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