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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Shoulders Back Posture Support

While this is one of the better-reviewed products, it’s still not immune to that perpetual complaint: it scratches under the armpits. When, oh when, shall we find a posture brace that is comfortable in this way? Nevermind the restrictiveness — we expect that from a brace. But do they all really have to chafe and scratch? One way to keep it from chafing is to wear it over an undershirt. When you wear it directly against you skin it will tend to chafe and scratch.

On the bright side, as we’ve mentioned earlier, this is one of the better-reviewed products. It’s thinner than many others, easy to size and put on, and it does what it’s supposed to do: it straightens the shoulders and back.

Our suggestion if you find it scratchy: wear it over a thin shirt, like these users did. Read the stories here, and here.

Or you can simply wear it for a shorter time, like these users here and here.

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Cons of the ShouldersBack Posture Support

  • You need to measure properly for the correct fit. (This is not as complicated as it may sound. If you’re 24 inches or less, get Small. More than 37 inches, choose Large.)
  • Seams feel scratchy to some users. (Product can be worn over a thin shirt.)
  • Chafes under the arms if you wear it too long. (One hour a day is really all you need to develop muscle memory.)

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Pros of the Shoulders Back Posture Support

  • Made of thin, lightweight material. Because you wanted posture support, not sparring protection equipment.
  • Vest-like design. Easy to wear. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to put it on.
  • Forms a smooth silhouette under your clothes. Wear it, don’t advertise it.
  • Fastened with Velcro straps for easy adjustment.
  • Comes in two colors: black and white. Matches practically any outfit.

  • Unisex style. Can be worn by both men and women — preferably not at the same time, but you bought it, so do what you want!
  • Comes in three sizes:  small, medium, and large. You get one for your children and take mommy-daughter outfit matching to a whole new level.
  • Effective even when worn for just an hour a day. Wear it when it matters most and be free the rest of the day.
  • 30-day warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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Results and Recommendation

The ShouldersBack Posture Support is a thin lightweight brace that gently straightens your shoulders while being practically invisible under your clothes. We find this to be a product that works; our only reservation is that, like many others, it chafes under the arms unless worn over a thin shirt.

Other than the scratchiness, we find little to complain about in this product, so we at Product Brace Reviews consider it highly recommended.

Recommended: Yes

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Posture Pleaser Review (Posture Brace)

Overall Rating3.
Ease Of Use33333

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Posture Pleaser Support

To be honest, the first time we saw this product, we couldn’t imagine how it could possibly help relieve shoulder and back pain.

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It wasn’t anything like we were used to: no constraints, no stiff rods to keep the back straight, nothing to push the body and muscles into military straightness — how could it possibly work?

Well, to make the long story short, we were wrong. Despite looking like nothing more than “weighted suspenders”, as one user called it here, it worked. Those physics guys who designed this thing sure knew something we didn’t. The weights were very effective at relieving stress and, in effect, muscle pain.

So the product is effective. What’s not to like?

Well, frankly, we are annoyed that such an effective product can’t be worn discreetly outside the house! I mean, not everyone who uses the computer works at home. What if you work at an office? Are you going to lug this thing to work with you and wear it over your corporate top? Probably not.

Sure, some people have done that. Read one of their stories here. But not all of us can — or will.

Perhaps, if you wear loose clothing, you could wear it under your clothes? Somebody has tried that, too, and soon found it was not a good idea. The straps could itch and pinch. They were never designed to be worn under clothes. Read the story of the user who tried that here.

So what can we say? Here’s a good product that you can wear at home only. If you have a private office, or if your company has a very casual dress code, you could bring your brace to work.

Otherwise, you could just wear it as much as you can in the house and hope that one day, it will result in your not needing a posture-straightening device anymore, as this user says here.

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Cons of the Posture Pleaser Support

  • Could be itchy if worn under your clothes. (Don’t try it. Wear it over your clothes.)
  • Could look bulky if worn under your clothes. (We’ve said it before: don’t try it. It was never designed for that.)
  • Three pounds of weight could be too light for big people. (You might need to wear two of these to get the same effect. Or sew on extra weights rods to the device.)
  • It doesn’t support your abdomen like other products do. (But if a girdle is what you wanted, a girdle is what you should get.)
  • Your partner can easily borrow it and might never give it back. (Well, you could “borrow” their credit card and purchase a new one online for yourself. We’re kidding!)

Pros of the Posture Pleaser Support

  • One size fits all. If you’re the type who could never buy your kids’ shoes without dragging them to the shoe store with you because you can’t estimate sizes if your life depended on it, this is the product for you!
  • Features a one- and two-pound weight (the former is removable, the latter is fixed) positioned at your lower back. It’s supposed to provide a counter balance for your arms when you extend them in front of you, such as when you type on a keyboard, but we laymen like to use it as a lumbar roll.
  • If you wear this device while walking or stair climbing, the added weights will help you burn calories faster too!
  • Designed to be used by people who are sitting at a computer (or sewing machine, or like jobs) for hours. Unlike many other health devices you buy, this one doesn’t make you feel guilty about sitting down all day.
  • Worn over your clothes. You don’t need to strip down to take it off.
  • Has a stylish color: black. It goes with anything.
  • Easy to put on. As easy as putting on a back pack. In fact, it rather looks like one.
  • Does not look like a girdle or a corset. Men can wear it without feeling defensive of their masculinity.
  • Chiropractor approved. Don’t take our word for it; visit yours, show this product, and watch him/her rave.
  • Made in the U.S.A. We won’t bother to enumerate the social, economic, and personal benefits of that.

Results and Recommendation

The Posture Pleaser Support is very effective at removing back pain and shoulder stress. It’s easy to wear, fits all sizes and genders, and does not cost more than most posture correction devices found in the market today. Highly recommended.

All in all, we think this is a very good product to get. It’s easy to put on, can be worn in the house all day, and, as many people have reported, it works. At Posture Brace Reviews we do recommend this posture brace, at less than $30 dollars, it is a good value for the money.

Recommended: Yes

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What People Are Saying About Posture Brace Reviews

Relaxo Bak Review

Overall Rating44444
Ease Of Use44444

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

If we were to redesign the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat, we would probably have put in some padding and covered it with a less slippery but still easy to clean material — genuine leather perhaps?

Because that’s what everyone seems to be complaining about: the product is too stiff. Look at what one user says here.

A genuine leather cover would have made it less slippery, more comfortable, and cooler on the skin as well.

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Admittedly, our design would add a few (or a lot of) dollars to the price. Still, it’s a premium that some people may be willing to pay for. Other products with cushioning could easily cost twice as much, as this user says here.

In fact, Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat has released a deluxe version, which does feature and easy-to-wipe closed-cell foam: The Relaxo-Bak Deluxe. And yes, it does cost twice as much. See the what the user of the newer version says here.

Of course, as far as durability is concerned, nothing beats pure, hard, unadulterated plastic. The Relaxo-Bak as it is right now could last for as long as — well, you’d be gone long before it disintegrates, and it won’t take an environmentalist to tell you that.

We just don’t know how interested your grandkids would be to find out this is part of their inheritance. If their backs hurt too, they might be overjoyed about it.

Why? Because despite the slipperiness and stiffness of this product, you will find that it works. We begrudgingly admit that the manufacturers have come up with a good, ergonomic design despite the fact that they didn’t hire us as consultants. (If they did, the product would have been covered in foam and soft leather, remember?)

And how do you know it works? Listen to what its users say here and here.

Cons of the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

  • No cushioning. Stiff. Can be slippery. (Don’t wear silk bottoms with this. Try non-slippery materials such as jeans and cotton.)
  • Limited colors. Sorry, no hot pink or mustard yellow available.

Pros of the Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat

The Relaxo Bak conforms to bodies of all shapes and sizes!  No silly measurements or embarrassing weight requirements.  It is U.S. Patented and FDA certified, meaning even your doctor might try and swipe your Relaxo Bak if you’re not careful!  The Relaxo Bak manufacturers have been providing quality products and similar remedies since 1963… that’s a long time!  A clinical study, using more than 300 persons, was conducted using the Relaxo Bak with very favorable remarks and findings.  Over One-Million satisfied users and the customers that have tried The Relaxo Bak exclaim: “The Relaxo Bak helped after sitting on a hard surface.  The normal searing pain that ensues when I stand up was gone!”

  • One size fits all bodies.  So breathe a sigh of relief — you don’t need to reveal your size and weight to anybody just to purchase this product.
  • One size fits all seats too. You can use it with your computer chair, dining chair, armchair, etc.
  • Easy to wash. Just put it under running water and wipe it dry.
  • Comes in three colors:  black, tan, and gray. Whatever your home’s color motif is, you can find a Relaxo-Bak color to blend with it.
  • Portable. Easy to carry around with you. Use it at home, bring it to the office, use it in your car, on an airplane, at the bus, or at a ball game.
  • Only $17.95!  Enough said.  In an economy where every dollar counts, you can get immediate comfort at an affordable price.
  • Prescribed by doctors and chiropractors. Ask your doctor about it today.
  • Over one million satisfied users. One million people can’t be all wrong, could they?

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Results and Recommendation

The Relaxo-Bak is a practical alternative to posture corrective braces if your main trouble is back pain that comes when you sit for long periods of time. The Relaxo Bak is cheap and offers a reliable product, but it can be stiff and slippery, unlike the padded Relaxo-Bak Deluxe.

So we at Posture Brace Reviews do recommend this product because it works and costs less than $20. But if price is not your concern, we would say look elsewhere for something more comfortable, like the Backjoy posture seat.

Recommended: Yes

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